Windswept Lane – The Development Concept –
Windswept Lane (the road) was designed as a turn of the 20th Century country lane in any-town USA where all the grander homes are located. Windswept Lane was built as a one sided road with-in an existing old farm lane bordered by indigenous trees and stone walls. The road fits with-in the natural setting and contours, it is unencumbered with the curbs and catch basins prevalent in all new road construction.  Plans are to ultimately build five unique structures styled after classical 19th and 20th Century estate homes. The first home at 35 Windswept Lane is fashioned after a 1925 Baltimore Maryland estate home. The finished products will exhibit the artisanship and craftsmanship reminiscent of the finer estate homes and mansions built during the 1910 – 1930 eras and virtually absent from home construction for nearly 90 years. These homes are to be designed and constructed with 21st Century technology with many outstanding features, which include heated stone floors for comfort, generator back-up, home audio systems that store over 6 months of continuous music and Viking appliances to name a very few. Most importantly each home will incorporate a Geothermal (geo-exchange) environmental system is at its core. These environmental systems go well beyond mere temperature regulation to relative humidity, air quality and air cleanliness creating a ‘Safe Haven’ for anyone with breathing disorders. No fossil fuels are used for either heating or domestic hot water.

The Windswept Lane Concept