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Energy conservation and efficiency of operation are the current driving forces behind our present construction methods nationally. When considering limited quantities of resources (fossil fuels) and ever increasing energy costs this could be viewed as and is in fact a step in the right direction.

Recent building code changes as dictated by our National Model Energy Code have resulted in the ‘tightening of the home’ . Unfortunately codes changes typically address one problem and often create others. Corrective codes changes typically greatly lag the industry resulting in years of unintentionally poor, unsafe or unhealthy building practices. The benefit of ‘tightening the home’ is a reduced heat loss due to air infiltration, the problem created becomes; oxygen depletion, elevated carbon dioxide levels, concentrations of off gassing and higher relative humility levels often referred to as ‘sick home syndrome’.  Remember building codes are a minimum standard!

Our approach to fulfilling the heating and cooling requirements of a home is quite different from other builders. Within our comprehensive engineering overview we look at the big picture and engineer what is needed, a healthy clean comfortable environment.

Energy conservation is attained with; exclusive structural design modifications, a superior insulation system which includes foaming or caulking potential points of air infiltration, high performance windows and doors. Energy efficiency is attained with the use of geo-exchange technology high efficiency equipment, integration of a Heat Recovery Ventilation System, heat pump desuperheater, heat pump water heater, stone-lined foam-insulated hot water storage tanks and Energy Star rated appliances and lighting.

FCC (First Choice Construction) building methods greatly surpass many code requirements as well as addressing potential code created problems.

The end result is the creation of an exceptionally healthy and clean indoor environment.  which addresses not only temperature control but relative humidity, air exchanges and electronic filtering. The endless mountaintop spring day.

Our goal is to be The Leader of innovation in home building by fully integrating proven technology to set a new standard for  21st Century Home Building.

Why a Geothermal Environmental System?

Geothermal Environmental System